Get active in the community

IMG_0107Individuals take part of community service for numerous reasons and getting involved to assist some of the needs in the world can reap its own rewards in spirit, mind and body. The Chris Canty Foundation has many different levels of community service. There are scores of service opportunities of different intensities you can become work with. One of the levels is donation. Donation is a wonderful way to contribute. There are two kinds of donations you can participate in. They are in-kind and individual. In-kind is when you donate supplies such as nonperishable goods and individual is the contribution of capital. If you chose to look through your pantry and participate in an in-kind donation, go the extra step and ask your community and family members to donate non-perishables items too. You will be amazed what you can generate just by asking.

While donation in the form of monetary or perishable items are great, it is wonderful too challenge yourself. Schedule time to talk to someone that may need to hear a bit of encouragement. A kind word or even a listening ear is all a person may need. You never know what it can do for your well-being and what you can learn from it. Small gestures can help our organization, too. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, spread the word through social media. Tell the world about the CCF and help us help others. Along with community service there are also conferences to engage in (which are mainly youth based). These conferences provide great life inspiration, college prep courses and encourage leadership in all ages. With all that I have provided in my article, I ask you to look towards the future and ask yourself, which way can I contribute and sow the seeds of tomorrow today.

– Kayla H. @CCFCmty

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