What’s Your Plan?

iStock_000003287405XSmallWith the New Year come the resolutions of bettering yourself, the excitement of a higher education and college admission. Whatever college you attend after High School you will be thrust into a new land. Once you visit the new, both places will seem poles apart; but before you go and travel to the Elven Halls of Mirkwood you have to prepare for the journey.

Many teenagers are having a tough time choosing a major and which institution to attend. While others are having a hard time I had a particularly easy one. I chose a path that was right for me, even though, my peers thought my preference was for underachievers, I chose community college for my first two years; community for two then a University!

Most people change careers two to three times throughout their life! Why chose a major that makes you miserable and will change in the long run? While I could study to become a lawyer or scientist. I desire to follow my passion into literature and music. Majoring in law won’t guarantee me money in the future, but if it does, it will not guarantee my sanity because other than watching 8 hours of Law and Order at a time, I never think about the legal aspects of life.

Parents may pressure us into a certain career path, luckily mine did not. My happiness in life was their ultimate aspiration. In the end, eternal sadness does not seem appealing. Granted our peers and guardians are more experienced than us, sometimes listening to our inner voice is the right decision spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Before you decide what college you want to attend you need to evaluate yourself and then your decision. Ask yourself questions and do not be fearful of your inner voice. Remember you have a lot to offer the world as you, not as Rachel-from-friends-wanna-be-you. Preparing for college is not going on a self journey a hippie would envy, but preparing your grades and mind for your future life. Going on to a higher education is about becoming more knowledgeable and this knowledge will lead you to become your better self, greater self.

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