Chris Canty Camp of Champions (NY Location)

The Chris Canty Foundation is excited about the Chris Canty Camp of Champions (Youth Football Camp) this summer. Please read the information below in regards to your son or daughter attending the 2013 Camp of Champions.

We would like to offer invite youth in your program to attend the Chris Canty Camp of Champions this year. Boys & Girls between 8 -16 years of age in your organization will have the opportunity to learn from the PROS and receive live instruction from Chris Canty of the Baltimore Ravens and other current and former NFL players.

IMPORTANT: In order for your child to participate in the camp, please follow these instructions. GO ONLINE and fill out the registration by June 20, 2013. On June 27th, the day of the camp, ALL Parents/Legal Guardians must bring a valid form of identification AND proof of insurance to camp check in to register all campers.

The camp will be held on Thursday, June 27th at George Washington High School, 549 Audubon Ave, New York, NY 10040.


8:45 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Camper Check-In

9:40 a.m. – Camp Opening Remarks/Guest Speaker

10:00 a.m. – Camp Begins

2:00 p.m. – Camp concludes for the day (Awards & Prizes)

Transportation instructions will be distributed via email 48 hours prior to Camper Check-In. Volunteers will be present to help navigate the campus.

ABOUT THE CAMP: The Chris Canty Camp of Champions is a one-day football camp that is committed to elevating the quality of youth football skills for boys ages 8-16. It is a non-contact, fundamental football camp designed to improve a child’s beginning, intermediate, or advanced skill level.

During the past four years, the Chris Canty Foundation has been dedicated to helping young people by inspiring them to achieve excellence in three distinct areas—education, fitness, and community service. Our educational programs and community service activities take a holistic approach to the development of our children, engaging not only the kids, but their neighborhoods and families as well. Our annual Football Camp of Champions provides young men with the opportunity to learn on and off the field lessons from NFL players, college coaches, collegiate student athletes, high school coaches, community leaders, and organizations.


  • Learning from Chris Canty of the Baltimore Ravens & other current and former NFL players
  • Instructional and educational seminars
  • Exclusive Camp of Champions T-Shirt
  • Opportunity to participate in contest and win prizes
  • Autograph session with Chris Canty & other current/former NFL Players (campers only)
  • Water and snacks provided for each camper free of charge

Get active in the community

IMG_0107Individuals take part of community service for numerous reasons and getting involved to assist some of the needs in the world can reap its own rewards in spirit, mind and body. The Chris Canty Foundation has many different levels of community service. There are scores of service opportunities of different intensities you can become work with. One of the levels is donation. Donation is a wonderful way to contribute. There are two kinds of donations you can participate in. They are in-kind and individual. In-kind is when you donate supplies such as nonperishable goods and individual is the contribution of capital. If you chose to look through your pantry and participate in an in-kind donation, go the extra step and ask your community and family members to donate non-perishables items too. You will be amazed what you can generate just by asking.

While donation in the form of monetary or perishable items are great, it is wonderful too challenge yourself. Schedule time to talk to someone that may need to hear a bit of encouragement. A kind word or even a listening ear is all a person may need. You never know what it can do for your well-being and what you can learn from it. Small gestures can help our organization, too. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, spread the word through social media. Tell the world about the CCF and help us help others. Along with community service there are also conferences to engage in (which are mainly youth based). These conferences provide great life inspiration, college prep courses and encourage leadership in all ages. With all that I have provided in my article, I ask you to look towards the future and ask yourself, which way can I contribute and sow the seeds of tomorrow today.

– Kayla H. @CCFCmty

Youth Leadership Conferences

IMGL4070The Chris Canty Foundation cordially invites you and your students to attend one of our Youth Leadership Conferences. There are four conferences held each year geared towards developing leadership skills in high school students that will expand well beyond high school. Each conference will include a panel discussion, workshop for parents and students, along with Q&A sessions for students with educators and industry experts. The leadership conference series topics are College Prep, Healthy Habits, Technology & Communication and  Servant Leadership which will culminate in a four week Summer Leadership Institute.  The focus of each event will allow students in the Charlotte area to participate in activities that are mission critical to the Chris Canty Foundation.

DOE Partnership in NYC

feature83 New York, NY: January 8, 2013 – The Chris Canty Foundation announced today that it has partnered with the New York City Department of Education to establish a long-term mentorship program commencing this academic year. The announcement was made from local partner and host school, Murray Hill Academy, and was attended by President and Chairman of the Chris Canty Foundation, Joseph M. Canty; New York City Department of Education Chancellor, Dennis M. Walcott; and Murray Hill Academy Principal, Anita Manninen-Felix, and mentors from leading investment and advisory firm Blackstone.

What’s Your Plan?

iStock_000003287405XSmallWith the New Year come the resolutions of bettering yourself, the excitement of a higher education and college admission. Whatever college you attend after High School you will be thrust into a new land. Once you visit the new, both places will seem poles apart; but before you go and travel to the Elven Halls of Mirkwood you have to prepare for the journey.

Many teenagers are having a tough time choosing a major and which institution to attend. While others are having a hard time I had a particularly easy one. I chose a path that was right for me, even though, my peers thought my preference was for underachievers, I chose community college for my first two years; community for two then a University!

Most people change careers two to three times throughout their life! Why chose a major that makes you miserable and will change in the long run? While I could study to become a lawyer or scientist. I desire to follow my passion into literature and music. Majoring in law won’t guarantee me money in the future, but if it does, it will not guarantee my sanity because other than watching 8 hours of Law and Order at a time, I never think about the legal aspects of life.

Parents may pressure us into a certain career path, luckily mine did not. My happiness in life was their ultimate aspiration. In the end, eternal sadness does not seem appealing. Granted our peers and guardians are more experienced than us, sometimes listening to our inner voice is the right decision spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Before you decide what college you want to attend you need to evaluate yourself and then your decision. Ask yourself questions and do not be fearful of your inner voice. Remember you have a lot to offer the world as you, not as Rachel-from-friends-wanna-be-you. Preparing for college is not going on a self journey a hippie would envy, but preparing your grades and mind for your future life. Going on to a higher education is about becoming more knowledgeable and this knowledge will lead you to become your better self, greater self.

Introducing Kayla, Blog Writer

ccfIMG_8027Kayla’s passions are writing, music, and world travel. She has played the cello since the age of 10, and continues to be an avid player of her favorite string instrument. Kayla has also traveled domestically as well as internationally too countries such as England, Japan, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Through her travels, she had the pleasure to gain worldly knowledge which has helped her in her writing and music. Her travels will not stop at the places she has previously visited: they are just stepping stones to the grand future she has planned for herself.

Kayla’s plans to attend college in 2013 will be another stride towards her career in writing and music. Her dream is to become a screenwriter and compose music. With her passions for both goals, this young lady will create her own future of possibilities.

Who is the Chris Canty Foundation?


The Chris Canty Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the total development of youth in our communities. Our goal is to utilize the platform of sports to affect positive change in the lives of children through mentoring, educational programs, health and fitness activities thus promoting health and well being. We seek to inspire our youth to be in service to our communities and our communities to be in service to our youth by providing support to these initiatives.


The Chris Canty Foundation is about giving back. Through your donations we are able to provide and support programs for youth of all ages and backgrounds. As a philanthropic organization, we identify organizations within communities of need that are in line with our mission and where we believe we can collectively make an impact. We rely on research and grass roots efforts with partners to develop solutions that will meet the short term and long term needs of youth in our communities.


The Chris Canty Foundation works to enhance the total development of youth by working with families and neighborhood programs synergistically to provide avenues for children to develop their talents and gifts. We believe that creating an environment in which each child receives personal attention and support fosters a sense of value and self-confidence. It is our hope that by establishing high expectations for children, they will aspire to become true champions in life.